Wednesday, October 25, 2017

new car!

I drive for Lyft and right now that's my only job. I unfortunately got in a car accident last year though and my car was totaled, but nobody was hurt and blah blah blah. Having my car totaled kind of sucked really hard though because it was my job.

BUT, Lyft has this cool program where you can rent a car through them and Hertz and use it to do Lyft. They give you a quota of 85 rides a week, (which seems to keep going up but whatevs) and if you meet that quota they reimburse you for $130 of the cost of the rental car for that week. The rental is $200 and week so meeting the quota and only having to pay $70 instead of the whole amount is a big difference. On top of having to do 85 rides, 30 of those rides have to be during what they call peak hours which is commute times on weekdays in the mornings and early evenings and most of saturday and late friday nights. So for at least part of your week you kind of have a schedule. 85 rides a week isn't too bad, it generally works out to be a 32 hour week but that can fluctuate a lot. What sucks though is if you want to go on vacation or are sick or something because if you do even one ride less than 85 they deduct $200 from whatever you've made that week or they charge you that amount and take it from your bank account. So basically if they provide a car for you through the rental program it's kind of like that car is your boss. I was doing this program for quite some time and failed a lot at meeting the quota but eventually was disciplined enough to be doing what I need to do.

My mom knew about the structure of the rental thing I was doing and eventually felt bad enough for me that she offered to help me get a car. My credit is not good right now so I couldn't get approved for a car loan so what she did is she actually paid for a car that I had shopped around for online and that we went to check out together.

So now I'm doing Lyft and since I own the car there is no longer a quota I need to meet AND when you use your own car to do Lyft your eligible for Express Pay which is when if you earn at least $50 you can cash out from in the app and have that money deposited into your bank account that same day. So I can literally pay myself everyday if I want to. It just feels good to know I have that option available to me.

My new car is a 2011 Ford Fiesta. A dinky thing but hey that means good gas mileage and it's easy to drive around in San Francisco because it fits everywhere. It's a cute magenta-ish color and I love it!

My mom is so nice for helping me like this! It was something she just offered to do for me that I didn't even ask her for. It means a lot to me. It makes my whole life less stressful! Very thankful to have a mom who helps me whenever she can <3 I did some Lyft driving today in it and I love it! Life is good life is good life is good!

infinite beings of love

"Instead of suing people, you work with them. And then the end result of that, is the entire planet wakes up, we experience what's called the singularity, everybody gets dissolved by nanobots and we travel through the universe as infinite beings of love."

- Duncan Trussell
- from Season 3 Episode 11 of Drunk History

I like the cut of this guy's jib.

This video is sideways but you'll be ok.