Wednesday, February 7, 2018

books are good life is good

I recently finished reading Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. It was really good! I've started reading the next book in the series The Vampire Lestat. Then on to the next book in the series Queen of the Damned. If they keep being good I might read the whole series but that's like 12 books so I'll see.

I sent my brother the E-book of Ready Player One because I read it and thought he would like it too. He's 13. His name is Nicolas. He said he read it all and really liked it! I read it because when I went to the movies with my boyfriend and he saw the preview for the movie of it that's coming out this year he geeked out pretty hard since it's one of his favorite books. I'm excited about it! The movie comes out March 29th. Even if you don't read fast you could for sure finish the book in time. Go read it! The movie will undoubtedly be quite different.

My boyfriend and I were talking recently and he mentioned something that was referenced in his favorite book of all time The Name of The Wind that I tried to read but didn't get into and just have sitting on my bookshelf. I'm gonna try to read it again I swear! He was whining about how I didn't give the book a proper chance but then I came back at him with, "Sorry I've only read two of the three books you've recommended to me! (Ready Player One and Interview with the Vampire). Maybe you should finish reading The Sandman series I lent you and then you can whine at me!" I love the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman. Everyone who has read them loves them. I bought them all so I could lend them to people because they really are fantastic and my boyfriend is now on the second of ten graphic novels. I lent them to him when we started dating over a year ago and they're comic books! So he should be done by now! So no whining from him about how far I am into his reading list!

My brother is really good at chess. He's so good that I don't like to play him anymore because I lose so quickly. So I bring my magnetic chess board to family functions and have him play another adult so I can watch and force him to be social without getting all frustrated at the game.

I want to learn to play poker. I'm going to do that. And I want to play pool and badminton more often.

I've started working out again after a long time. I've worked out often enough in the past that it doesn't take long for me to see results. You don't have to work out for a long amount of time or even especially hard to see results. Just work out often. If you work out every other day for like even half an hour you will see results in a matter of a couple weeks. Sooner if you are used to working out and have worked out in the past. Your body remembers how it feels and muscle memory is a real thing so it's really not hard. I'm happy about it. I do a little with free weights at home and some yoga and I feel great after. I have these sets of cards called The Yoga Deck and I just pull like 4 cards from the deck and each one has a different pose on it. I do each pose in order that I pulled them out and then do them all again. I love going to a yoga studio and to the gym but I don't have enough money to renew my gym membership at the moment. I get paid Friday though haaaay!

I wish everybody had a Google calendar. Instead of being like, "when are you free?" "what's your work schedule?" you could just look at it. One of my friends sent me her calendar and I sent her mine and now we just know when the other person is available and how that matches up with our schedule. It's soooooooo easy now!

But life is good right now. Reading books, working out, catching up on bills, enjoying my new job. There's nice people there, I'm feeling comfortable working there, and blah blah blah. They have really good macaroni and cheese.

I'm in a happy place and just wanted to take some time to appreciate that because something crazy is always on it's way. I'm happy :3

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