Monday, April 3, 2017

How To Be a Person in The World

Excerpts from How To Be a Person in The World by Heather Havrilesky

"But people are flawed, the end! You can't be a people without being flawed. Pretending otherwise and looking for perfection in others is a path of self-hatred and delusion and mutual lifelong bullshitting." - page 197

"Life is not about knowing. Life is about feeling your way through the dark. If you say, "This should be lighter by now," you're shutting yourself off from your own happiness. So let there be darkness. Get down on your knees, and crawl through the dark. Crawl and say to yourself, "Holy GOD, it's dark, but just look at me crawl! I can crawl like a motherfucker." - page 208

Reading Tarot Cards

One of my best friends in life, Jamie, did a tarot card reading for me today on my past, present and future. It was super relatable and really made me think. Basically in my past I was stuck and being held back by someone who wasn't really there for me. My present is a place where some hesitation might benefit me. There is suspension and an emphasis on letting go. My future is full of growth but also competition where I'll have to continually prove myself and rise to challenges. I really like the order those readings came in because I feel like it shows progress and like things are moving in the right direction and that I'm really getting to know myself and be more powerful. I'm ready :)

Here are the links she used to look-up the meanings of the cards:
Here are the Tarot Cards I decided to buy for myself: