Saturday, March 3, 2018

No more straws!

The very first part of this video is graphic! Like, they throw it in your face in the first few seconds of the video! Don't click play until you are prepared to see something sad!

Everytime I use a straw I think about that poor sea turtle that got one stuck in it's nose. I didn't know sea turtles even made noise until I heard it crying in pain! Here's the full video of that turtle if you're dying of curiousity...

I carry silicone straws in my purse in a little baggy. I also keep some in my car's glove box. Sometimes I forget them but I usually remember. Asking for no straw with drinks I order is annoying, and sometimes out of habit they bring me one anyways, but I just say excuse me no thank you and I give it right back.

Be sure to get reusable straws that come with a pipecleaner so when you wash them you can clean the inside well. Lots of companies make them and they come made out of metal, glass and silicone. If you are out somewhere with me and we get drinks I'll lend you one of my straws, I try to keep a habit of carrying two on me.

I work at a restaurant and it makes me kinda sad to see how many disposable straws people use... It especially irks me when adults ask for a straw for their water. Like, why? You're a grown up! Do you use a straw to drink water at home? Probably not. But I just say ok and bring them one cause it's my job.

Little things add up. The seemingly small decisions you make day to day have an impact. Be a square and say "no straw" with your drink order. Keep a reusable straw with you. Or just drink straight from the cup like the competent human you are, I believe in you!

I bought some silicone reusable straws that come with a few cleaners here:


And I sewed a few little carrying pouches to keep a couple straws and a cleaner in my purse :) I made a few because the first ones were so funky :P

I like to keep reusable straws with me when I go out so I don't use disposable ones which are just so wasteful! But I don't want something I use to drink to just be loose in my purse, especially once I use it and it's dirty! So I sewed a couple pouches that fit two straws and a cleaner. When the pouches get dirty I can just throw them in with the laundry! Sewing is not my strong suit but I like practicing and will get better. The one on the left is the first one I made so it's a little funky... Well, they're both funky but whatevs! I just couldn't find a pouch the right size for my straws so I made these! Yay! . . #diy #reusablestraws #ecofriendly #sewing #pouch #handmade #recycle #reuse #conserve #sew #artsandcrafts #straws #straw #pipote #pipotes #popotes #popote #beverage #sip #drinkware
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